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8 years ago

Hello community,

maybe someone ran into the same problem. 

After doing a search, the item-view seems to slip the “item-cards” over each other, concealing the white space between them and sometimes (not at every item) erasing the last field in an item ( in this case the price).

But: If you going to an item-content-view from that search selection and then going back from there to that same selection (back-button), e.g. making the same search from there, everything is working like a charm.

That is not true with a blank browser refresh, only when coming to the search from an item-content view back, the item search view is placed fine. Refreshing that fine view with the browser toggles it back to the broken view.

This strange behavior makes the app/page look very unprofessional. Maybe someone solved this before, maybe its a bug in seblod itsself. I've tracked it 3 month ago (with screenshots there), but its not yet touched.

Thank you for your attention.


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