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Hi, just found you today. Purchased the button free as well! thank you.

I'm trying to go through all the videos but can not seem to find a video on how to create a front end view for a custom area.

I have managed to create an app Menus/Base and inside base i duplicated a few article fields.

I now have my form and my list based on the front end article manager video.

Now i only want the category ( Food and all its sub categories to be in the drop down filter )

When i go to my food menu manager page i can see only the food menu items so thats great - bu tin the category drop down filter i can still see all the other joomla categories as well.How do i not show any of them?

I only want to show the Food category and any of its sub categories in the filter

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for this you need to use select dynamic field and limit options in the query, #__categories table has parent_id field so you can do query like this, replace number 5 with the id of your food cateogory

SELECT id as value, title as text from #__categories WHERE parent_id = 5 OR id = 5
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