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I understand
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2 years ago

Hi, I'm creating a list page and I want field GROUPID (a text field) is linked to a custom search page that will list all items those have similiar GROUPID value . 

So I set the Link and Typography option for GROUPID in the backend, so the link is List and search 

and for the plus sign I changed the Field option to custom and entered item_search (a generic search field) for the Field Name 

But the generated link is not working. It generated an url pattern like this :

where the correct url should be like this :

Anyone can help me what should I do to fix his?


I'm using joomla 3.8.5 anyway

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2 years ago
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Is your selected menu pointing to the seblod search? Sometimes routing behaves weird if target menu is set to other components or views.

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2 years ago
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Thaaat's it. Thanks Klas 

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