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Hello guys!

I am studing SEBLO I recently found SEBLOD and thinked it incredible, I am studying. I'm doing my first APP, I've already seen that I can go a long way with SEBLOD. I'm excited! I wish I had met before!

Ok! I'm having trouble with the lists, I need some help to progress, because all the tuturials I've done, I could not solve this question:

How do I display a list of articles/objects from many subcategories? 

My steps: I create the list for my app. In the Search form field I have the CCK field for my app correctly (the system has created this automatically) - Still in the field Seach form I added the field "Article category id" to filter by category. on button 2 (Live Value), I set the category I want: A Host Category

NOTE: The category that I wish is empty of articles, it is host only! Within this Category there are several subcategories with the serveral articles that I want to display on the front end by list


CATEGORY A ( has NO articles)

--- SUBCATEGORY A.1 ( has articles)

--- SUBCATEGORY A.2 ( has articles)

--- SUBCATEGORY A.3 ( has articles)


CATEGORY B ( has NO articles)

--- SUBCATEGORY B.1 ( has articles)

--- SUBCATEGORY B.2 ( has articles)

--- SUBCATEGORY B.3 ( has articles)


- So in the field Serch form - "Live Value" I called CATEGORY A. But it came empty list, does not bring any article of the subcategories from this category A. BUT in tests, if I call the "Subcategory A.1" in "Live value" I get the list of my articles from this subcategory correctly. BUT I NEED ALL THE ITEMS OF ALL SUBCATEGORIES OF THIS CATEGORY A.

I need to make several lists of the articles contained in subcategories of many host categories, presented on the front end by SEBLOD MODULO LIST. 

Tests: In the Searh form, in the field "Article category id" I changed the value "Match" = Exact to several other values and none presented the articles yet.

- I also tried with the "Category parent id" field without success. 

- I call this list on the front end through a "Module SEBLOD LIST" - YES! The list works, as I said, only if the "live value" is set to any Subcategory exctly, BUT that's not the way I need it! I need the articles list from all by their host category.

What do I need to set to work? I know I'm missing something else! 

Can you help me please?

I'll be very very grateful! 

Thank you so much!

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you could use search join to do a categories table self join to get the child categories than join conent table once more to find articles that match child category ids.

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Thanks for reply Klas,

How can I do it? Sorry I can not found a tutorial to learn me.

Could you same this step to do it please? I need create a list from "list e Search Type? As I am doing now? ou another way ?

Object category? How fiel I add to search?

I will be very grateful


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you need to know SQL to be able to do this plus you need search join and search query plugins.

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OK Klas, I am sorry, i dont know sql yet, but i hope can study sql soon.

I needed do it to call a module SEBLOD with most popular articles from each CATEGORY HOST. So I am try with the  NATIVE JOOMLA MODULE most popular and it was work very well to me. I have now, seblod articles display in a native joomla modulo. and this module joomla work well bring me all articles (into subcategories) from a CATEGORy HOST.

Thanks for your reply Klas


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