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I have ARTICLES and DOCS. Both content types use the joomla tags.

I installed the TAGS storage location plugin.

In the ARTICLE content view I added a field that calls a seblod list of docs that share some tags with the current article (the "associated docs" list)

in this "associated docs" list SEARCH tab I put:

* the CCK field set on the document content type

* the article tags field

in (2) I use SD Live CCK field (https://www.seblod.com/store/extensions/2311) to retrieve the tags of the current article but it seems useless. The list always displays ALL the docs, without filtering on tags.

Any idea please ?

Can we list the the documents that share some common tags with the current article please?



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4 years ago
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Ok here is the solution I found that may help others :

1- install the TAGS storage location plugin (https://www.seblod.com/store/extensions/48650)

2-installe the SQL pack ( https://www.seblod.com/store/extensions/19162)

3-in your "associated docs" list use the SQL live plugin with the following SQL query  (button 2)

 SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(tag_id) FROM #__contentitem_tag_map WHERE content_item_id=$uri->get('id')

4- in the same liste (button 3) use "any word exact' with the "qupted" comparison rule and simple comparison mode

now your list displays the documents that share at least one tag with the current article !!


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