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2 years ago

Hi, I  hope someone can help me out... I would like to show a list of subcategories on top of my parentcategory. So for example:

parent category = food

child category = general

child category = specfic

Then I want to show links to general and specific in de food item.


- general

- specific

and then the rest of the content. Is this possible at all?

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2 years ago
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a seblod  list field or module field  allows nested lists... if that’s what tou want?

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2 years ago
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I think so, not sure. If i try to make a search/list based on categories my results are always 0. I would like to make a list of subcategories in the main categorie. But I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. 

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2 years ago
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Create a List & Search based on categories, I will describe it as parent.

Create menu item for this parent list and search

In menu item assign live value for desired category’s id

Create a child category list and search

in your parent list view have a list field and reference your child search and pass the id to the child search


There are ways to refine this but that is the starting point.

Abd as always, with searches you got to have debug on and you must get your head round match/3

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