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Please confer with you in a List / Search:
In SearchForm option [3] CCK field (select dynamic) column Match [Extract]
And the search fields [Permissive Default] or [Any Words]
What criteria in the search fields to use?
I made a Form and Live Value I linked in the List / Search form ... but some records signed up and everything OK, but the rest more than 500 records and care is a FREE table.
The list is working but only shows the records inserted by Form, the records straight in Table not care ..., you know I mean it's lacking some other configuration list to get all the contents of Table FREE?

Thank you,

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Found because the result of the Search / List does not bring all the data from Table ...
I had entered through a script much data in Table FREE MySQL I created for a Form

The SEBLOD launches in the table "# __cck_core" all inserts that are made via Form and then when u do a Search / List Form that it will search this table all records inserted by Form.

Some appeared in my case I did test the Form, but others do not, for he found no relationship Database (Id) with table SEBLOD "# __cck_core"!!

I found this result by opening the debug joomla and checking which queries were made ... and found seguinta query SEBLOD ...

SELECT t0.id the pid, the pk t0.pk, t0.pkb the pkb, t0.cck the cck, t0.storage_location the loc, tt.id AS type_id, tt.alias AS type_alias
# __cck_core FROM `AS` t0
LEFT JOIN `AS` t1 # __disciplinas
ON t1.id = t0.pk
LEFT JOIN `#` AS tt __cck_core_types
ON = tt.name t0.cck
WHERE t0.cck = 'formulrio_disciplinas'
AND ((t1.ano LIKE '% 08'))
GROUP BY t0.pk
ORDER BY ASC t1.ano, t1.codigo ASC, ASC t1.semestre

In my example I have registered Disciplines year 2008-2013, the 2013 I had inserted the Form, but not too ... Select and above that provided quotes Where the year 2008, there appeared nothing in the query ...

The Result is ... make a php script that Read Table Free Disciplines all records and insert those not entered in "# __cck_core" example below ...
INSERT INTO `database`. __cck_core `#` (
`Id`, ==> id is auto-increment
`` Cck, ==> is the name of the form
`Pk` ==> is the id of the record inserted by the form or the id of the record you have on the table FREE
`` Pkb, ==> default 0 zero
`` Storage_location, ==> the type of storage that I used "FREE"
Storage_table `` ==> my table "FREE" # __disciplinas
`Author_id` ==> Author I am using for this
NULL, 'formulrio_disciplinas', '439 ', '0', 'free', '# __disciplinas', '477 ', '0', '0 ', '2013-08-19 12:06:03',''

Now yes ... with everything working consultation in Table FREE, even if you have inserted records by Form ... but it is a rare case!
For inserting the Form ... everything will appear normally ...
My case is that I had files. "Csv" with much of all records and may be included / added usually after the Form tbém ...


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