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I understand
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1 year ago

I can't find examples of use of redefinition of parameters of a form of search

and not understand

Unfortunately I assume use of a plug-in of CCK_Live deprives of advantage of multiple use of the module of search in various content types with various conditions of redefinition.
Whether so it? Whether there is some explanation for at least on one example with a small explanation?

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1 year ago
Level 1

To be able to use filters you need to use list view not module as filters are part of search form that is not shown in the module.

36 Posts
1 year ago
Level 2

Yes it is similar to it. But I hoped that it is possible to transfer parameta from the main form to this field, and not just to insert constants. But to Guess a format it hasn't turned out that has strongly affected mood :) Maybe you know the hint?

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