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I have a very big content type which I want to allocate to several stages. The special case is, that the creation fields are different to the edit fields (e.g. the user can insert a title when creating, but not when editing). So I set the max stages to 6 in the content type config and added my fields.

Now I have the following problem:

If the user clicks after the first stage on "next" he/she/it will be redirected to stage 2 (correct) but he/she/it does not see the state 2 creation fields. Instead he/she/it sees the stage 2 edit fields. That's probably because seblod saves the record after the first "next" instead of putting the values e.g. in the session and saves at the end.

Is there a solution how I can prevent saving between stages and just save everything at the end? Or: how can I display the creation fields in stage 2?

Thank you in advance for an answer.

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