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Good afternoon all,

I have a database table called #__meetingtype with two fields (ID and meetingtype).  I have created a very simple content type "TESTmeeting" with one field and a submit button.  With this I can add a new value to the list of values in the table #__meetingtype.

I am now creating a search/list to return a list of values in the table #__meetingtype.  I have two options, either a Select-Dynamic field to allow me to select an item returning it in the TESTmeeting form, or a list of all values in the table followed by an "edit" button that will allow me to open the value in the TESTmeeting form.

I have tried the Select-Dynamic route first and I can populate most of the required values.  There are two that have stumped me though Options Name and Options Value.  Based on the tooltip advisory I should be the text of options in "Name" and for the value of options in "Value".  I do not follow what that actually means.  If I use the fieldname from my table in Name and leave Options blank, I get an error message of "This task is not supported on the Content view", buit I can see the dynamic select box, through it is not populated.  If I put any value at all in Name, I get a 1051 or 1054 error page.

I have two images with the Select-Dynamic specification, but when I try to add them to the "medias" tab, I get an "illegal file extension" error (*.jpg).

I feel I am missing something very simple and would be grateful for any help that anyone can give me.

Thanks Justin

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