6 years ago

Hi there,

I'm currently looking for a solution where I can implement a prefilter before my acutal filter.

I have a large number of "risks", which I want to filter by their causes. This gives me a smaller list of risks.

Out of this list I want to select one specific "risk" and filter it by some other attributes.

I managed to create Filter1 and Filter2 seperately, but is there a way to implement both on one page?

Example in picture:

There are 18 risks with different causes. When filtered by the cause "human error" 7 risks are left. Out of the 7 risks I want to select "risk 8" and filter it again by some other stuff (e.g. how much time do I have; which knowledge is available in my company...). Based on the filters I get my solution which fits perfectly to "risk 8", my available time and my available knowledge.

I really appreciate any help!

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6 years ago
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You can use select dynamic cascade https://www.seblod.com/store/extensions/2997

6 years ago
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Thank you Klas, this seems like one possible solution.

But lets say I want to select "risk 8" and additionally "risk 10" (both output of my first filter) and filter them again by something else. Than I can't do it with cascade as there is no multiple select.

So it would be great to have Filter 1 for the risks. Below that all risks (with checkboxes).

When there is no filtering with Filter 1 all risks are listed. If Filter 1 applies only the corresponding risks (with checkboxes) are left.

And by using the checkboxes and some more filters underneath, a further search/filtering can be done.

Is there any possibility to implement that?

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6 years ago
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Only with custom javascript

6 years ago
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Well... That's not good.

But thank you Klas.

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