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Hi, I'm new using SEBLOD so please forgive me if I ask a silly question.

I've created a form & content type with no problem  but when I try to create the lists & search types I have a problem.

In search form all is working properly, but in list tab when I use as template options seb_table or seb_blog, the search in the front end it is showing nothing, even if I add the field that I must show in the list tab. It is strange that if I put as template option -Disable List Template- (without templates at all)

in the front end it's showing the results of the search, but with all the fields of the articles found. Obviously I need only the title of the articles found in the list.

Could please somebody help me to understand what it's going wrong with what I've done.


Andrea Cencio.

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Without list template set search will show fields from Intro tab of form/content type. So I presume you need to add some fields into List or item tab, depending on your settings in template.

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Thank you very much Klas,

I've already tried to add some fields into List or item tab with no result, but adding a field in Intro tab of form/content type ... well this solved my issue.

Thank you again a  lot.

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You should add screenshots as sounds like you gonna be in a world of hurt pretty soon :)

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