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4 years ago

Hello, I have problem with linking article title to article in results. I made List & Search type, which search apartments and it all works, displays list of apartments, which are made as Content type. 

Search works fine, it lists 3 apartments as results, by this fields.

Only problem I have is that this Article Titles are not links to Apartments, you can't click on title and go into Apartment. As soon as I try going into List & Search view, got into Apartment Search (Pretraga apartmana in my language), Item view, 2 (Link & Typography), and for Article title set Content/View, I lose all results in my Search. 

If turn on debug, I see it finds 3 results, but there are just rendered divs no content in them. What is worst, if I remove Article Title, and add it again, same behavior occurs. I can only delete whole Apartments Search, and make it again in order to again see results. Am I doing something wrong, maybe Article type is not the same as Apartment type so I should link it somewhat different?

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