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Hi all,

I have followed most of all posts in this forum, starting from creating child fields with no storage/with storage, with pad lock lock/unlock, change storage name into something like custom/article/introtext[fieldname] / or usual name, use introtext as storage for group field or using custom table, etc, but none of them is working with search generic field. It always return no result message.

I have also tried to use common search function, by adding the child field to the search form tab, but it's not working too :(

Is the search function really working with group x? Is there any (updated) tutorial for this matter? 

Thank you

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Have you applied the 3/Match bit and set the collection?

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5 years ago
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Hi bucklash, thanks for replying. Yes , I have done that + all combinations I mentioned above. I have spent these 2 days just to find out how to make it works lol.

Anyway have you ever been able to make the search function work with group x?

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