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I understand
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7 months ago


I use the seblod generic search. I want search the word „demo“, but I get no results.

The field art_fulltext is set in the generic serach field.

debug infos

SELECT AS pid, AS pk,t0.pkb AS pkb,t0.parent_id AS parent,t0.author_id AS author,t0.author_session AS author_session,t0.cck AS cck,t0.storage_location AS loc, AS type_id,tt.alias AS type_alias
FROM `#__cck_core` AS t0
LEFT JOIN `#__content` AS t1 ON =
LEFT JOIN `#__cck_core_types` AS tt ON = t0.cck
WHERE t1.state = 1
AND t1.access IN (1,1,5)
AND ( t1.publish_up = '0000-00-00 00:00:00' OR t1.publish_up <= '2019-03-13 18:18' )
AND ( t1.publish_down = '0000-00-00 00:00:00' OR t1.publish_down >= '2019-03-13 18:18' )
AND t0.cck = 'content'
AND (((t1.introtext REGEXP "(::fulltext::).*Demo.*(::/fulltext::)")))
ORDER BY t1.title ASC

What make I wrong?

If I use a like instead the REGXP I get a result in phpmyadmin.

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7 months ago
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It seems that you searched for Demo. - note the ending point. Regex is correct here as Seblod is using introtext field to store intro and full text, this is one of remains of the past. I suggest that you replace fultext field with a new wyswyg field with standard storage (where each field is stored in separate database column), than you won't experience this problems.

49 Posts
7 months ago
Level 2

Thank you for your answer.

After I have replaced the storage, it works.

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