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I understand
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Wolfgang Claus
7 months ago

Sorry to reopen this post, but the old on has a dead link in the solution. So it does not help in any way.

I try to create a "seblod form" to search content in several fields ?

By default, a "Select field" can search in only one field.

I found some search plugins, which might help me: "Search Join","Search Query".

Does anybody know, which one will help me? Or is there another plugin for my problem?

Thank you.


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7 months ago
Level 1

Search Generic be the one you are after

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Wolfgang Claus
7 months ago
Level 2

Thank you. This field would be great, but it is a input field. 

The values, I want to search are part of a drop-down-list. It is a select field with about 20 values. 

Each item can have up to 4 of these values, and I have to filter for all items, that have the specific value in one of these 4 fields.

So I have to look for an other solution. Any idea how to solve this?

Thank you  :-)


P.S: I tried to make a condition from my drop-down-list to the generic field (hidden) for a search. Maybe I should create a Dropdownfield without storage information, so this is not filtert, and then a condition to my generic field. I just try and let you know.

47 Posts
Wolfgang Claus
7 months ago
Level 3

Its working: I created a dropdownlist without storage. The hidden generic field is filled by this dropdown-list. When I search for an item, it is found by the content of the hidden generic field. 


Thank you!!

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