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8 years ago

Hey I have now understood how I create custom template in positions for seb_one template, but I have tryed to do it in the same wat in seb_list, seb_blog and seb_table, but I get nothing, could you please give me an example where I am to put my folders an files for theese three templates. Thanks up front.


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Octopoos - Mehdi
8 years ago
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Hi Pretorian,

Thank you for your post.

Firstable, seb_one is a form/content template. seb_list, seb_blog and seb_table are list templates.

I advise you to use these templates because they enable to implement 80% features.

If you need features not supported by on of these templates, i advise you to define a variation not to define new position or folder.


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8 years ago
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dear Octopoos - Mehdi

can you give more information how to define a variation of list or table template??

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Viktor Iwan
8 years ago
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if you want to use variation you can create new folder under variation...and copy+modified the base variation at libraries/cck/rendering/variation/seb_css3/

@Mehdi, can you explain more why you choose use variation over position override ? if i need more flexibility i usually put all field in mainbody and use position override of mainbody

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