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Good morning, 

I have a problem with the form of SEBLOD . 

I mean , I have created a form with two fields Seblod name and a Submit button . Data sent through the form do they end up in the table aart0_cck_store_form_Persone corresponding fields Name , Surname .

I view the results on the home page through the form Seblod List. And here lies the problem .

I implemented the data manually directly into the database phpMyAdmin by entering different data fields name , the problem is that I do not see the data entered manually into the database through the form Seblod LIST , but only displays the data entered through the form of seblod .

How can I see also the data entered manually ? I hope someone will help me .

thank you.

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Hi francescotri

Si, if a field is locked to that content type it will be stored in that table, if it is available to all content types that share the same object (ie article) then it will be stored in a different table, store_form_field-... or something like that, can't remember right now. 

Also, how are you entering the data, did you create the db columns? or did seblod? 


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Thanks for your reply, 

how can I tell if the field is stuck in the article? The fields last name and name I made them with seblod. When I go to implement the database manually I input the data in the field Last Name, Name and id but I still can not get them to visualise seblod list.

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6 years ago
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Hi Francescotri

Below is a breakdown of data and how it connects in the db as far as I understand it...

Joomla Articles have data stored in {table: #__content}.

Using Seblod you have a choice of how the fields you create will be available:

With {Padlock: locked (default, in the content & forms area)}, the field will only be available to that particular content type.
With {Padlock: unlocked}, the field will be available to all content types of the same object (ie Article Object or User Object).

For fields created with {Padlock: locked}, the data will be stored in {table: #__cck_store_form_my_content_type_name} (ie jcjuk_cck_store_form_events).
For fields created with {Padlock: unlocked}, the data will be stored in {table: #__cck_store_item_object_name} (ie jcjuk_cck_store_item_content).

(the wording might be a little wrong here!):

In the introtext column of your #__content table is the Seblod link (ie ::cck::59::/cck::)

This value is referencd in {table: #__cck_core}, {id: 59}

This table has important info {
id: same value as introtext value,
cck: content type,
pk: id in #__content table,
storage_location: object type

All fields, including the ones you create are in {table: #__cck_core_fields}

Check out the db columns {
storage: you set this in the field config area ie standard, custom, json...,
storage_cck: the content type name ie 'events',
storage_location: the object type ie 'article', 'user',
storage_location: the object type ie 'article', 'user',
storage_table: if the field is '#__cck_store_form_article' then it is available to all artice objects, if the field is '#__cck_store_form_my_content_type' then it is only available to that content type,
storage_field: db column it is stored in

I don't know if that helps, but my guess is that the data you have entered manually is not referenced 100% where it needs to be

So are you storing data in #__cck_store_form_my_content_type from articles already existing or creating new articles? etc



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