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11 months ago

Hi, I've set up my homepage to display a list of news items (using the Masonry template). I've been able to set up the links so they go through to the articles correctly. My problem is that the links do not seem to change the menu item, so any modules associated with the home page are still displayed in the detail view. You can see this with the below links, each to the same article:

Article post linked from homepage:

Article post linked from the menu item for news:

Both show the article, but the former shows the frontpage modules, while the latter does not (which is what I want).

I've experimented with the link settings in the link pop up for the field, but have not been able to resolve this. The SEF settings I tried have no impact. Changing the menu item leads to a 404 error. I probably need some combination of both, but can't seem to figure it out. What would be the correct way to set this up?

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11 months ago
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I guess this info is needed:

what menu structure you got?

What is link setting? ie to vie, custom etc

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11 months ago
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Thanks, that helped me get in the right direction and I got this solved now.

To explain: For News there is only one menu item directly in the root menu.

Then I've got a movie database with a two layer menu: 

  • Movies and more -> Movies
  • Movies and more -> Actors
  • Movies and more -> Directors
  • Movies and more -> Publishers

These are the relevant menu items where I had this problem, all off the main menu.

An example for the "correct" link (i.e. the one that doesn't show the modules I don't want) is this:

As you can see, the link setting is /parent/parent/alias.

So what I did was that I went to the List & Search Type that generates the links, went to the Item tab and clicked on [2] Link + Typography. I then clicked on the + beside the link setting for the field and set the SEF URL setting to SEBLOD (+) -> /parent/parent/alias and set the menu item to the correct menu item matching the content type I'm linking to (in my case "Neuigkeiten").

Now the links are generated correctly and only the modules I want to display are displayed.

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11 months ago
Level 3

nice work :)

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