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5 years ago

Hi guys,
I use Simple Simon template. I overrride List & Search Item
and show it in module. templates/simple_simon/positions/your_search_type/item/mainbody.php

There are a lot of junk generated DIV'. How can I remove it?

<!-- Begin: SEBLOD 3.x Document { www.seblod.com } --><div id="cck1r" class="cck-f100 cck-pad-8"><div class="blog-top cck-w100 cck-fl cck-ptb"><div class="cck-plr"><div class="cck-odd"><!-- Begin: SEBLOD 3.x Document { www.seblod.com } --><div class="SdPosition mainbody"><div id="cck127_mainbody" class="cck-pos-mainbody seb_css3 vertical cck127-deepest"> And here starts my HTML marckup
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5 years ago
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Hello proelgiz,

it seem that you have two differents div here. 

Some from the List Template (seb_blog?) and some from the item template (simple_simon)

The div from the list template are here to generate the list layout, so they must be here.

By cons for the div in the item template can be probably removed by hacking the simple_simon template.



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