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So I have gone ahead and added a Group Headings feature into the seb_accordion template. And it’s fairly simple to implement. 

This mod will allow users to Group Fields in the seb_accordion template. It is important to note that you will need to add the field you're using in the Accordion Heading section of the List View of your List and Search Type to the Ordering View section. So the same field you're using in Accordion Heading of your List View should be the Same field your Ordering View. 

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To activate the Group Heading feature just navigate to your List View then go to Template. Scroll to the bottom and set the Group Heading field to yes.

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Please note that I only included the files I modified (TemplateDetails.xml, index.php, and en-GB.tpl_seb_accordion.ini). You'll see that all you will need to do is copy the first 2 files into the templates/seb_accordion folder and the language file goes into the language directory.

This mod also includes the fix of having multiple accordion lists in a single Content Type View as I previously discussed in this post:  A Tale of 2 Accordion Lists in the Same Content View.

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Thnx for sharing your solution

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