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Let me explain what my intension is.. :)

I want to have single search field which takes data from multiple content types and display accordingly. I assume I have to create a new Search Type but when I select search type i have to select from which content. 

I have noticed that there are few plugins I can purchase like SQL Query or different tables. But I dont know which one exactly does my job as most of those plugins doesnt have explanation (plugins are great but an idiot like me prefer to have some more information :D ). 


http://www.seblod.com/store/extensions/922 ( i dont think this wont do the job I want as it needed same identifier in all the tables to link)


What I'm after is similar to this search field (https://library.unsw.edu.au/) its sort of single search field that takes from multiple content types also inside of that content type, it should take all the fields values during the search. 

Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Thanks all

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Thank you for the post bucklash. 

Yes I managed to resolve this problem using generic field. Amen to that field. Also manage to get all the categories including other content types as well. its really good one.

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