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8 years ago

Hi folks

Hoping to get some guru guidance please.

I am trying to access data within a groupx field.

Using $print_r($cck); I can see the data I want but I an unable to access it

Output Example

[groupx_field] => stdClass Object (
 ...[value] => Array
        [0] => Array
              [my_field_a] => stdClass Object

I can do this:

<?php echo $cck->get("groupx_field)->value; ?>


I can do this:

<?php echo $cck->get("groupx_field)->value[0];

But I can not do this:

<?php echo $cck->get("groupx_field)->value[0]->my_field_a->id; ?>

I realise this is more of a php question rather than Seblod but any pointers would be great. 
Kind regards
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