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Hi everybody,

As I like to complicate my tasks. I have in fact a problem. I have several groups in which I would like to register my users. 3 at least with different inputs.

Do you know if there is an solution for me to make it work without overriding my usergroups field for each input.

I think that my solution is the fact of using an SD Concat hidden field. so that I can get result input1, result input2.

So, I get my desired result in a stored field but I face the problem told here



I've found out that J3! creates one row in table #__user_usergroup_map per each group,...like

group_id /user_id
666 / 1
666 / 2

where 666 is ID of user and 1,2...user group(s).

Therefore, it's not possible to write the retreived data from SD concat in the DB table.
Any ideas how to setup fields??? maybe there is a solution how to customize standard user_groups field and allow users multi-select only custom group ID's (at the moment user may choose Administrator!! group)


Do you know if there is a way to automatically map the stored field in table #__users and with value 1,4,7 as an exemple to the correct J3 map

in table #__user_usergroup_map:

group_id /user_id
666 / 1
666 / 2

At first I aimed at developping a storage plugin to do it. But when I phoned Mehdi at Octopoos, he told me that there is an existing solution without the need of a new plugin. Can someone describe me the best way to do it?

Could it be possible also to add a parent filter in the Usergroup Field so that We can have a multiple usergroups choice but not a complete one.

Thanks for your quick answer.

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