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I follow your tutorial ‘How to set up a search by radius?’ and the video but it doesn’t work within my application.

Example: The list contains 10 items, I’m searching for an existing item with lat= 44.78310400 and long= 1.85203100 . In my search fields lat= 44.78310399999999 and long= 1.8520310000000109 . and radius =10kms. Result: The 10 items are returned
A search with other field (title) works fine. 

I'm using free content type. I haven't try with article content type.

Fields in my search tab:
- Cck => Match=exact
- Address2coordinate => Match=radius lower, + names of latitude, longitude, radius fields
- Numeric select ‘radius’ => Match=permissive , storage=none
- Button Search (task= save&close)
- Latitude field (text)=> position hidden (tested in mainbody position), match = none
- Longitude field (text)=> position hidden (tested in mainbody position), match = none

How could I debug that?

Thank you

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