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I'm in a list view and I want to compute a variable from a field and use the result as URL variable in a link. I try 2 methods:

1) With SD Databaser and this request: select * from #__cession_faq where id_cession=*value* .
It works but if an item of the list hasn't any result for this request then sd databaser displays the original value of the field. It's impossible to make the difference between a correct result of the request and a request that hasn't any result (It would be usefull to define a default value)

2) My favorite solution: I'm computing a variable with the 'before render' field. (It's more flexible than with the first solution)
How can I retrieve this variable in another field? (For example, can I add it in the $cck object and create a link like that:  url_var=$cck[my_own_variable]

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