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Hi folks

I am hoping to get a bit of advice on the 'good way' to think.



'User Batman' has a group called Batman.
    He has a member called 'User Robin'.
        User Robin creates a new Superhero article (to be viewed only in the 'Batman' group).

On the same site...

 'User Tintin' has a group called Tintin.
    He has a member called 'User Milou'.
        User Milou creates a new Superhero article (to be viewed only in 'Tintin' group).



For each group to have a unique style and layout for the Superhero content type form.



For the Superhero Article content type to appear different depending on the group I am viewing it in, what is the 'good way' to achieve this?

Possibilities might include:


Using Positions and Variations overrides - in the tutorial they are global, so to make them local?



Create the required fields with the padlock unlocked (content type agnostic), then create a content type per group and add fields as required?



Add some sql or php somewhere to the load the appropriate template.....



Use purely CSS, though this has limitations


Any tips or suggestions would be great :)


Bucklash (Jon)

Need some help?

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