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Hi folks

EDIT: I will mark this as solved as I found that I was using SD CCK Live field in a bad way......

The SD CCK Live field HAS to be in a separate form to the one it is pulling the value from.


Hi folks

I am trying to create a category and usergroup at the same time (I am trying to develop my Seblod skills).

So, in category content type I have:




For my form I want to fill in one input and have the other input dynamically filled with the same value.

ie field 'a' has value of 'poisson' entered by the user, and field 'b' receives the same value (poisson).

An example of what I am trying to achieve would be something like this (it is incorrect, but purely as an illustration):

$DuplicateValue = $fields['field_a']->value;
$fields['field_b']->value = $DuplicateValue;

I have used live values-> sql query, but that is to get values form the DB, isn't it?

Anyway, each time I try with that I receive errors.

sd live cck field creates an error (Oops! Template Init. failed..), the same as experienced by designbengel in her post: prefill-form-module-with-variable-from-content-type

I have read various forum posts but I have not achieved success, only errors.



Any help would be superb


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