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Hi folks

This one has me stumped...

I have:

{"Object : Category", "Content Type : Organisations", "machine name : organisations"}

{"Object : User Group", "Content Type : Organisations UG", "machine name : organisations_ug"}

I have the form for Organisations showing on the front end...

I have added the Form Field from: SEBLOD Form & List Pack (2 plug-ins) - pkg_cck_field_seblod_1.1.3

and configured like this:

{"Title : Organisation UG Form", "Label : Organisation UG Form", "Default Value : organisation_ug", "Show Options : Hide",  "Format / Object : None"}

Trouble is, the field does not show.

If I change Show Options, ie {"Show Options : Following Options"}, then only the Label and Select Label show {"Label : Organisation UG Form", "Select Label : Select an Option"}, nothing else.

It is a similar sdeal with the Module field, I follow that process ie add the form to the module, create module position in module, add details to th emodule field I end up with nothing displayed, if prepare content is 'no', then I see this on the front end:

Organisation UG

Any tips on where I might be going wrong?



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