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I am trying to understand how SEBLOD works a little better.

I have created a menu item "books" I have created a From & Content "books".  Within that Form & Content I see Admin Form, Site Form, Intro and Content.

I understand the first two, Admin form is a form in the back end, Site form is a form on the front end.  

The second two are a little more confusing, but I think of them as Intro - like Joomla! Blog with only intro text showing.  and Content, like a joomla blog if you've clicked on read more.

Firstly, have I defined them correctly (roughly).

Secondly, if that is true, then the List view confuses me.  I have also created a "list & search" type (books).  I think when I choose a module it will use this view, but it seems when I use a menu item it will use the Form & Content view.  Is this correct?  The menu item is called "list & search" but the items seem to be affected by what I do in the intro view.  

Anything you can do to assist me in understanding this stuff would be much appreciated.

Hopefully that would also help me to understand the relationship between templates and the differing views.

Need some help?

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