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I have simple beginner questions, since it would seem that I have not yet figured out how the Seblod importer is supposed to work. I am going to import Categories, Articles ans Users from an existing site. I'm starting with Users. The CSV file defines 19 custom fields on top of the regular 12 fields. Here is a short test file:

83305;François, DES;francois.des@internet.com;francois.des@internet.com;760c8b69573b3394815bc5de52cc4326;;0;0;2014-10-02 16:25:48;0000-00-00 00:00:00;;{};36725;3;François;DES;;75000;;FR;0;0;1;journaliste - - - PresseNat -Presse magazines - -;1;;0000-00-00;;;NULL;NULL

If I try to import to standard Joomla User , I get the following error.

Strict Standards: Non-static method plgCCK_Storage_LocationJoomla_User::_initTable() should not be called statically in /home/sauvonslol/www/plugins/cck_storage_location/joomla_user/classes/importer.php on line 49

Strict Standards: Non-static method JCckPluginLocation::g_initTable() should not be called statically in /home/sauvonslol/www/plugins/cck_storage_location/joomla_user/joomla_user.php on line 358

Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /home/sauvonslol/www/libraries/joomla/object/object.php on line 194

If I define a new user content, say Seblod User, the fields are indeed created, but I fail to see the single user record (I'm importing just one for this test).

I've read a post about the User Bridge, but could not find how to activate it.

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