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I am attempting to put php into the Code-AfterStore but the textarea is reformatting what I put into it.  For example, I put in <br /> and upon saving the textarea visually shows a line break and no longer displays the <br />.  This is confusing to me.

Can you help me with the PHP syntax to get line breaks like this?

The story, The Great Notification Test, you are helping create has a new jot:

(art_introtext text here)

View on Jottopia!

This is my code that is failing to create the line breaks:

$body = "The story, <strong>".$cat->title."</strong>, you are helping create has a new jot."."\n".$fields['art_introtext']->value." "."<a href='http://staging1.app.jottopia.com/index.php?option=com_cck&view=list&search=categories&task=search&Itemid=474'>View on Jottopia!</a>";

I assume I have the wrong number of quotes and periods too. :-)

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