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8 years ago

Hi, I have created a "List and Search Type" with "Search Query Field Plugin". 

In my form, I have a "Select Multiple Field" - videotype. (the real form is more complecated, but this is only a example) 

In the "Seach Query Field Plugin", 

If I select only a videotype value and I use 


the query working 

select co.id, vd.type, co.title, co.alias, co.language, co.introtext 
from ipv_content co 
inner join ipv_cck_store_form_video vd on vd.id = co.id where co.state = 1 and 
[MATCH]vd.videotype||$uri->getValue('vd.videotype')[/MATCH] and 
[MATCH]co.title||$uri->getValue('art_title')[/MATCH] and 
order by co.title; 

But, If i select more videotype value (multiple select field) , in this case I would like: 

 vd.videotype IN ('youtube','vimeo') 

and so I've wrote: 

vd.videotype IN ($uri->getValue('vd_type')) 

but this don't working.

In your article there are only input with single value. 


Is there a post or a tutorial where is explained how write the query to get multiple-select value ?

Need some help?

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