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8 years ago

Hello guys, how are you?

In my site I use Community Builder to manage users and subscriptions, and I use SEBLOD to manage contents.

I've got FREE members and VIP (paid) members.

I've got for example let's say this 4 user groups like so:

Public (ID 1)
-Registered (ID 2)
--Free users (ID 3)
--VIP users (ID 4)

When a user is a FREE member he is assigned to the Free users group and when a user is a VIP member he is assigned to the VIP users group.

I also have a field in the Community Builder database table which changes its value depending if user is FREE or VIP. If the user is FREE the value of the field is 0 and if the user is VIP the value is 1.

The question is: How to sort the articles displayed by a SEBLOD search type so that the articles which belong to the users in the VIP users group to be first?

I've been torturing myself with this task for days now without success and will be very grateful to anyone who could give me some ideas or help please.

Thank you in advance,
Have a nice day,

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