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I created a user Seblod profil content type (with object user).

a) In the option of Seblod (tab 'integration' ) I changed the 'default content type' to this new content type. And 'profile menu' is an item menu to the Seblod profile form. ? ( this menu was tested with a guest user)

b) Setting the permissions: A guest is allowed to create this user content type. A registered user is allowed to modify the profile and his own elements.

c) Modification of the workflow of optional fields : action= modify

With this setting I hope to follow this progress:

  • 1.First access to the main page (not connected)
  • 2.Go to a page for registered user=> Default Joomla login page
  • 3.Registration: use  the Seblod form with the first fields (name, username, email, password )
  • 4.User receives an email and activates his registration, login of the user.
  • 5.After login go to the Seblod user profile.          NO go to the default joomla profile
  • 6.Go to the complete user profile form to complete the information (with the Joomla default menu)

                     After modification same Joomla message as that for the creation. Is it possible to have 2 different messages?

  • 7.Menu to read (not editing)  the profile of the current user .NO the Joomla menu displays the default user profile. With Search&List ? How to pass the user id?
  • 8.Disconnect
  • 9.Connection


Need some help?

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