8 years ago

Hi there, I have been trying to follow this tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPMnAbi1-8w

It's pretty good, and I've watched the others too, they explain a lot.

I'm using the Simple Simon template, I've installed it, I've created a new template in SEBLOD, and I've made it type "list".  

When I go into my list item, I can choose Simple Simon, but upon saving it causes and "oops template not found" error.  The "item" in the list view remains greyed out at all times.  Why isn't this working for me and how can I get a template that works in the list view?

I should point out that I have been into the template several times and resaved the temlpate.  I am aware of the usual "oops template not found" error

Need some help?

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