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8 years ago

Hi guys, 

I need to know if it is possible and some suggestions on how to:

1 - In this site user are Registering just with "joomla fields": Name, username, email, password; 

2 - When they want they can edit the Profile and complete it. I'm creating a profile user form (with bridge enabled), where users can fill fields and they have to upload a pdf.

2 - When users uploaded the file and completed their profile, Administrators need to know that because have to read and "check" the pdf. Is there a way to receive an email when anyone upload it ? (I have installed also AcyMailing)

3 After that I need to create a List & Search front site view where site administrators view the users list, step by step open the pdf related to each user and can click on a "confirm" button and that have to move/change user group from "Registered" to "Confirmed". Please, How to create this "confirm" button?

Many Thanks for help and suggestions...

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