8 years ago

Hi everyone

I have trouble getting zip file upload working. The zip extension is listed in the allowed file extension of SEBLOD, as well as the allowed extensions in the Joomla media manager.

However, whent trying to upload zip file in the frontend, using an upload file field (as super user or as admin), i get a Joomla error:

Warning: File S:\xampp_183\htdocs\nezrouge2/images/medien/copyright-nez-rouge-zuerich-nrzh.zip not uploaded for security reasons!

Could this have to do with some new check of Joomla when uploading files? I know for example the JCE component had the same problem after the last Joomla update?

(see for example here:

https://www.joomlacontenteditor.net/support/forum/error-installing-plugins-after-update-joomla-to-3-4-4 and here:


kind regards


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