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I understand
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3 years ago

I installed the html template so I could make my own template. Using the instructions from the html page, when I save the template it gives me this

Save failed with the following error: Duplicate entry 'seb_html' for key 'name' SQL=INSERT INTO `#__cck_core_templates` (`id`,`title`,`name`,`folder`,`mode`,`description`,`featured`,`published`) VALUES ('','Tayo Panel HTML','seb_html','1','0','','0','1')

What is wrong and how do I correct?

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3 years ago
Level 1

Obviously you already have this template configured as Seblod template, check if it already on the list. Either it was installed previously by some app or instructions are outdated (most templates now install as app and so that they are also configured as Seblod template automatically)

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