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I understand
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3 years ago

Hello All,

Does the seb_minima 'mainbody' position override work for the item view?

I have a search list that uses seb_blog for the list template. I have assigned seb_minima as the item template and can change other values in the 'Item - Template' tab of my list form (e.g. Hide Titles, set css class), so I am sure things are setup properly.  I have placed a file in:

/templates/seb_minima/positions/content/item/mainbody.php  // does not work

(content is my type name) according to This is working for other position overrides, e.g.

/templates/seb_minima/positions/content/content/mainbody.php // works

Does anyone have an idea why the first override does not work?

Thanks in advance!


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3 years ago
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3 years ago
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Argh! That was it. The example in misled me. I should have read the directions up top.

Thank you.

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