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I understand
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5 years ago


is there a way to apply a css class on the label itself, not on the content of it?

E.g.: <label class="d-none">

My goal is to hide the label of a field in a position where the other labels are visible with a class rather than excluding it in the custom css file.

Thank you,


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Octopoos - Mehdi
5 years ago
Level 1

Hi ricco,

To implement what you described, you can follow another way.

You can create a copy of the field you want to hide the label. After that, you will add this label to the content view. You should fill clear as the label in this view.

After that, you can use the restriction plugin "SEBLOD Fields" on those fields to display one of them under the conditions you want.


310 Posts
5 years ago
Level 2

OK, Mehdi.

Thank you

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