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I use seb one template only for Admin and Site view. For Intro and Content I use another tamplate. I want to disable (remove) all css and js files from joomla pages. I want to use them only at Site and Admin view.

Files to remove: use it only Site and Admin view

I know I can disable css from Seblod -> Options -> Site 

How can I remove those files form joomla pages and add them only for Site and Admin view?

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Hi proelgi,

Which other template do you use?

Seblod lets you setup css for each content type and even for each field. Do not use Seblod – options – site instead when you create a content type click the orange arrow on the top right to open the permissions, access, object, etc options. You will see a Stylesheets select box – Choose Form views only so that you only have css on form views.

Another way is to setup each field. In content view click button #3 for markup – change it from default to none for each field that you don’t want css.

To remove scripts from template you could use the unset code on your template


$doc = JFactory::getDocument();

//remove your script colorbox

unset($doc->_scripts[JURI::root(true) .'/media/cck/scripts/jquery-colorbox/js/jquery.colorbox-min.js']);


Or you can use a joomla extension JCC - JS CSS Controlhttp://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension/core-enhancements/performance/js-css-control

Be careful removing colorbox from admin as I think Seblod relies on it and you might loose some functionality.

Hope this helps


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