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I understand
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8 months ago

Hi. I'm trying to set a page title from values in the content.

I've tried with:

$app = JFactory::getApplication(); 

$doc= &JFactory::getDocument(); 

$doc->setTitle('anything goes here');

But the page title is not changed. I know it's an override field in the configuration area for content view, but I've only been able to have it get VALUES from a field, and not TEXT

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8 months ago
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I would also like to know how to override the article SEO title just by text (not a field value). In fact, I would like to build the article titles from a custom text plus a field value. The situation is even more unclear as there are now 2 fields for overriding the title in the content type config ( see this topic).

It would be nice if anyone can bring light into this


317 Posts
8 months ago
Level 2

I did not find a solution to this, but from reading a lot of forum posts it seems it's not possible to setTitle with the Joomla API at all. The code is added, but the original title tag from Joomla is still set, and higher. So.. just dosn't work out well.

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