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7 years ago

Hi Folks

Just a heads up that I have update Slicked List.

MODAL WINDOW: UiKit 2 and 3 added to the list of supported frameworks that you can choose to render the modal window. This list is now: Bootstrap 2, 3, or 4,  Foundation 5 and 6, and UiKit 2 and 3.
NEW OPTION: 'Blank' framework allows you to render your modal window yourself, controlling 100% of rendered layout.


It works out of the box, any support can be asked here.

If you want the manual before hand just let me know

Cheers :)


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6 years ago
Level 1

Just a heads up

There are a couple of minor bugs that I intend to sort on this template like on the option to select div, ul or ol

Hopefully get chance to do soon


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