Joomla include a native multi-language system and SEBLOD is compatible with it.

When multi-language is enable in Joomla, enable the language option in SEBLOD configuration panel.

Be careful, SEBLOD has now enable JText features in all require elements (field options, description, email...), so you will see in your interfaces some texts like COM_CCK_name.

Now you can translate, this "Text" in your language file.

We advise you to use overrides language file feature of Joomla. In both admin and site language directory of your site, create file(s) named "en-GB.override.ini" (fr-FR.override.ini, es-ES.override.ini...) in the "overrides" directory.

Write translation like this:

Language file variables must be written in Uppercase, like "COM_CCK_FILE"