A field "select simple" (or simple drop-down list) creates a list (or menu) with a single choice.


A field "select simple" (or simple drop-down list) creates a list (or menu) with a single choice.

Each choice in the list is an option. The options are defined manually. The field must have at least an option.

An option is composed of a part "text" and a part "value". The "text" is the text displayed on the form. The "value" is the recorded value, notably used in a template content or in a search process.




Common Plugin Settings (Link to the article)



Write at least one option of the dropdown list. The format is text = value. If an option contains only "value" or "text" then both have the same value.

If the field is used in a search form, the search is performed only on the "value".

A value must be unique and should not be contained in another value. For example, we should not write the options in January=1 and November=11 but January=01 and November=11. Thus, the values associated with January and November are different and any research on this field work.
To group options as follows:
write an option according to format "group_name=optgroup" (instead "text=value").
"group_name" is a name of group. In our example, options are defined as follows :
to close a group, use the syntax "endgroup" in an option.

Default Value

Optional, write the default option, by copying only the value of an option already assigned to this field. It is applied to the first load the form.


Optional, select an option of this setting to order 'select simple' options:
  • Option1 (Following option): to maintain the existing order,
  • Option2 (Alphabetical A > Z): order the options in ascending alphabetical order (A-> Z), consider the "text" part of the option,
  • Option3 (Alphabetical Z > A): order the options in descending alphabetical order (Z-> A).