By default, after a submission of a form, SEBLOD display the message below :


Successfully Saved

This message can be changed in the tab configuration of the form.

Sometime, you need to change this message, depending on the informations that the user has submitted.

For that, you must use the plugin field " Code", on the event "Afterstore".

Add a field Code Afterstore in the form. In this event, you have access to 2 variables :

  • $fields  => the array of each fields in the form
  • $config  => an array of various parameters :
    • $config['message'] => the message to display
    • $config['message_style'] => the Joomla! style of message (message, notice, warning,...)
    • $config['pk']  => the id of the new content created
    • $config['isNew']  => 1 : creation  /  0 : edition
    • ...

For example, setting the $config like that :

$config['message'] = 'Thank '.$fields['first_name']->value.' '.$fields['last_name']->value.'for join us,<br />';
$config['message'] .= 'find here your ID : '.$config['pk'];
$config['message_style'] = 'message';

will display the joomla mesage :


Thank Hercule Poirot for join us,

find here your ID : 123456