This tutorial requires the use of the Code (5 Pack) SEBLOD Field set
This tutorial teaches you how to set up a simple PayPal donation form using a SEBLOD custom form.
  1. First, create your SEBLOD form, and set the "Create" permissions to whichever user group you need. For this example, I use "Public" because I want anyone to be able to make a donation. In my form I have the following important fields:
    1. Full name ('mem_full_name') [Text]
    2. Select Donation amount ('mem_donation') [Radio]
    3. Donation amount input field for a custom donation amount ('mem_donation_other') [Text]
  2. Create an AfterStore SEBLOD field
  3. Set the "Mode" to "Free"
  4. Use the following code with a preceeding <php:
    $item_name = ''.$fields['mem_full_name']->value.' Donation Form';
    $currency_code = 'AUD';
    $amount = $fields['mem_donation']->value + $fields['mem_donation_other']->value;
    $return = '';
    $app = JFactory::getApplication();
    $link = ''.$business.'&item_name='.$item_name.'$currency_code='
Ensure you replace with your actual PayPal email of the destination account, and replace with the actual address you want people to be returned to after their payment. You should also replace 'AUD' with your currency of choice.
Your form will now submit a content item in Joomla, and redirect to PayPal with the proper information after submission.