if you want to import data from a CSV file in you website, you must follow this guideline :

Requierements :

Steps :

  1. In the new website, create a content type with SEBLOD
    • Add all needed fields :
      • Standard Joomla fields already created (Title, alias, state,...), stored in the #__content table
      • New Custom fields with storage "Standard | article | field_name" => this will create a new table #__cck_store_form_contentTypeName
  2. Add the addon Importer
  3. create a good CSV file, depending on the content type you have created
    • The first line of the CSV file is for the storage name of each field.
      • For example for Joomla standard field : title, state, created_by, access,....
      • For example for custom fields : address, zipcode, city, country,....
  4. Then import the CSV file with the addon importer, by setting the good content type.