The beforestore Event, accessible with the field code "BeforeStore", allow you to change the content of each field of a form, just before they will be stored in database.

For that, you just have to put a field code "Beforestore" in your form and write the php code you need. By the setting of the code field, you can write the php code at two places :

  • Mode "Free" => write directly the code in the textarea of the field code
  • Mode "Files" => add the path to a file which contain your code

In the BeforeStore event, you can access 2 variables :

  • $fields => the array of each form fields
  • $config['storages'] => tha array of database tables

To modify the value of a field, you have to change it's value in the 2 places above :

1 - the field itself :

$fields['my_field']->value = 'my_new_value';

2 - In the array "storages"

$name      =     $fields['my_field']->storage_field;
$table     =     $fields['my_field']->storage_table;
$config['storages'][$table][$name]                 =     'my_new_value';